Premium Quality Full Cover Face Shield for Medical Professionals & Other Critical Front-line Workers.

Our Full Cover Safety Face Shield provides Face and neck Protection. Shields from droplets, body fluids, etc from sneezing and coughing. Stops you from the accidental touching of your face with dirty hands. 

Our Unique Full Cover Face Shield has  integrated Ear Protection for use with respirator / mask keeping the elastic from rubbing on your ear. TRUE VALUE not found anywhere else! 

The Premium Weaved Elastic Head Band is Adjustable and can be fit firmly and comfortably on every sized head.

Can be easily cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

•Clear Wide Vision
•Built in Ear Protector
•Light Weight
•Fits All
•Large Protective Area

"...So impressed by the quality in comparison to the ones I'm given at work, thank you." -Frontline Worker

Here to help
protect our heroes
on the frontlines

Quality Full Cover Faceshield for medical professionals. 

Effective in blocking droplets, body fluids, secretions, from sneezing and coughing etc. Stops you from the accidental touch of your face with dirty hands.


Product Specs.

Made out of premium High Quality PETG, Breathable Foam & Weaved Elastic.


– .020” Flexible Clear PETG
– Elastic Adjustable Headband
– 1” Breathable Forehead Padding

Flat Dimensions 

• 13.5” W x 11” H
• Custom Height

Pricing info.

Manufactured in Orange County California. Hiring people who lost their Jobs due to Covid19 to help manufacture these critical pieces of equipment that first responders and medical professionals depend on.

Prices per unit @ qUANTITIES

1-499 shields @ $19.99
500+ shields @ $17.99

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